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Support City of Eureka’s Anti-Coal Ordinance

On Tuesday, November 16th, at 6 p.m., the Eureka City Council will be considering an ordinance banning the storage and handling of coal on City-owned property. This is an important step toward stopping the threat of coal trains and preserving the future of the Great Redwood Trail. 

Please show your support for the proposed anti-coal ordinance. You can do that by attending tomorrow’s Council meeting via Zoom, or you can send the Mayor and Council an email before the meeting. Click here, or use the list below to send an email.

Email Contacts:


Suggested Talking Points or Email:

Subject: I support the anti-coal ordinance

Please adopt the anti-coal ordinance that will ban the storage and handling of coal on City-owned property.

Here is why I am anti-coal:

  • Coal trains release massive amounts of toxic coal dust, even when preventive measures are taken. If trains are restored to the North Coast rail line, it is a certainty that we will see regular spills, derailments, fires and collisions.
  • Coal dust is notoriously toxic, causing a wide range of lung and heart problems for those exposed – both workers and residents of nearby communities. Coal transportation and processing would release large amounts of coal dust and exacerbate existing air quality problems caused by vehicle emissions and road dust in Humboldt County  
  • Our area already suffers from high poverty rates and high rates of chronic illnesses that are likely to be exacerbated by coal dust and diesel exhaust. Locating a coal terminal in Humboldt County creates a significant environmental justice issue.