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Continuing to Protect the Great Redwood Trail

We’re thrilled to announce that our region is now safe from the threat of coal trains rumbling along the defunct Northwest Pacific Railroad. This coalition is proud of the work we accomplished: we helped pass 15 resolutions and ordinances, collectively submitted 21 filings with the Surface Transportation Board, and rallied a strong show of community support to keep our air and water clean. Thank you for being a part of that – your support and engagement touched us and helped to leverage the power of our state and federal representatives.

A bridge crossing Blue Rock Creek, tributary to the mainstem Eel River, along the future path of the Great Redwood Trail.
| Photo: Alicia Hamann

While the coal train threat has passed, Mendocino Railway, parent company of the Skunk Train, is still determined to take 13 miles of the right of way. This is an apparent effort to secure their role as a “public utility” and allow them to evade permitting and environmental review requirements for their development plans in Fort Bragg. But publically the company claims their sole interest is in transporting a small amount of gravel, raising concerns for potential expansion of existing gravel mining operations. Mendocino Railway’s proposal will bisect the Great Redwood Trail and pose a risk to the Eel’s farthest inland run of threatened coho salmon in Outlet Creek. And to be clear, there’s no chance this segment of rail will ever carry passengers.

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