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Great Redwood Trail

The Great Redwood Trail is a 320-mile, world-class, rail-to-trail project connecting San Francisco and Humboldt Bays. The trail will travel through some of the wildest and most scenic landscapes in the United States, traversing old growth redwood forests, running alongside oak woodlands and vineyards, and winding through the spectacular Eel River Canyon.

The Great Redwood Trail will connect communities along the right-of-way and presents exciting opportunities for ecologically appropriate outdoor recreation economies. It is the antithesis of a coal train, which would poison communities as well as erode decades of work and tens of millions of dollars invested in conservation and restoration.

Future path of the Great Redwood Trail
Future path of the Great Redwood Trail at the confluence of Blue Slide Creek and the mainstem Eel River.

“The vision of the Great Redwood Trail is simple: to transform an obsolete and dysfunctional railroad right-of-way into the longest rails-to-trails route in the country, creating an inspirational and transformational economic engine and huge recreational draw not just for the North Coast, but for all California and beyond.”

Caryl Hart, NCRA Board Member, California Coastal Commission

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